We are here to bring more free time and wealth to our community, drastically improve the perception and value of advertising to society, and reverse the impact of vehicle emissions on our climate.


Make advertising trusted and genuine

The current premise of advertising is that we must suffer it to enjoy access to entertainment and public spaces. The opposite of what people think of as an 'ad', is a genuine recommendation. A genuine recommendation is also an ad, but we appreciate it because of it's sincerity. At Wrappr, what we control is that the recommendations made by our advocates are genuine. We ensure that only brands that our advocates love are being promoted and, therefore, we ensure that only brands which have genuine advocates are promoted by Wrappr. This filter, we hope, will bring trust to the messages our advocates are promoting and make Wrappr ads less 'addy'.

Build wealth and freedom in our community

$500 a month, with hardly any time investment has a big impact for the majority of people. This is what Wrappr advocates earn on average every month. For most people $500 a month represents a 9% pay rise, and a 30-50% increase in their fun money or savings. This means advocates have more freedom and relief of financial pressure, and are better able to fulfill their potential.

Reverse the impact of vehicle emissions to fight climate change

For every advocate who is doing a campaign on Wrappr, we will offset the emissions of two cars, thereby helping humanity to take a tiny step in the right direction. We do this through environmental protection and regeneration programs through our partners Greenfleet. The second thing we do is we prioritise electric cars. Electric cars cost brands an additional $80 per month, and 100% of this goes back to the advocate. This is our way of encouraging electric car owners to join Wrappr, and to make the benefits of owning an electric car in general even greater.


Think Long Term

Sadly, acting ethically is a competitive advantage. We operate in a world where businesses prefer to prioritise short term wins over the long term benefit of their customers, partners and the ecosystem. We are dedicated to reversing this trend.

Enjoy Life

We believe that people should choose work that elevates their well-being and we know that work is only one part of what contributes to our well-being. Our goal is to flexibly fit into people's lives so that they can achieve their potential at work, and in other aspects of their lives as well.

Always Be Improving

Wrappr is operating in an industry where maintaining the status quo is in it's DNA. On the contratry, at Wrappr we seek to always improve. We iterate and innovate ourselves everyday and become better and better, through the power of feedback, measurement and creativity.

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