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How does a 9% pay rise sound for doing no extra work?

Budget travel in Southeast Asia costs $50 a day - Lonely Planet

The average monthly mortgage repayment is $2586 - CBA

The median annual full time salary in Australia is $66000  - ABS



Joining a Campaign

What requirements do I have to meet in order to do a campaign?

Every campaign is different, so the most important thing is that you fulfil the requirement of being yourself :) Advertisers are looking to connect with people who fit their target customer profile, and who like their brand. With this in mind, your suitability for one campaign may be excellent and you'll be top of the list, whilst for another campaign you may not be so suitable. In general, we will not accept vehicles that are older than 7 years old, and are looking for advocates who live in capital cities. In saying this, there are always exceptions, so please don't hesitate creating a profile.

Do I get to choose what campaign I am involved in?

Absolutely! We don't want you to ever be involved in a campaign you're not excited to be involved in.

How do I give myself the best chance at being selected for a campaign?

The short answer is - fill in your profile surveys! The more information we have about the types of brands you like, yourself and your driving habits, the better we will be able to match you with suitable campaigns. In saying this, there are some big no no's when filling in your profile that essentially exclude you from any camapigns. These include saying you love all brands, you're passionate about everything, that you do all hobbies, etc. Any advocate profile that looks like this will be excluded by our algorithms. Advertisers aren't looking for advocates who love everything, they're looking for people who are unique and represent what their brand represents. So make sure you own your personality, and your own interests, shine through in your profile.

How old can my vehicle be?

For the majority of campaigns we will only accept vehicles that are 7 years old or newer, but there are exceptions, so we encourage you to make an advocate profile no matter how old your vehicle is! The 7 year rule is there because advertisers are mostly looking for modern vehicles to represent their brand, but also because after 7 years your original vehicle manufacturer's paint will have deteriorated to a level that makes paint damage possible when removing the advertising. If you would still like to be involved in a camapaign, but your vehicle is older than 7 years, you're most welcome to make a profile and we will still match you with suitable campaigns. These will be campaigns where advertisers aren't looking for newer vehicles specifically and you will have to be comfortable with the risk of paint damage to your vehicle.

Who can see the information in my advocate profile?

Good question! The only people who can see the information in your advocate profile is us, and prospective advertisers who go through a verification process before being privy to this information. Although we don't ask any personal questions in our advocate survey, as with any platform that's online, please don't share any information that you're not comfortable sharing.

Can anybody be an advocate?

Yes! Anybody can register on Wrappr as an advocate so long as you drive and are over 18 years of age. To receive camapign offers, there are more nuanced criteria which will depend on the requirements of the advertiser.

Installation and Removal of Advertising

Where do I go to get the advertising installed or removed?

Advertising is installed and removed at one of our partner facilities which are located all over Australia, including all capital cities.

How will I get to and from the workshop without my vehicle and will costs be covered?

We provide you with the half of your first month's advertising income the day your wrap is installed, so in the case where you're receiving $500 per month you would receive $250. Many advocates choose to use part of that money on ride or car sharing services to help with transport on the day their wrap is installed, but it's up to you how you would like to use it!

What happens if my vehicle is damaged during the installation or removal of the ads?

Our advertising installation and removal partners provide full insurance over your vehicle whilst it's in their care, so in the unlikely event that an accident happens and damage is caused, repairs will be paid for in full by them.

I have found an issue with the advertising, what do I do?

If you've found an issue with the advertising, please notify us immediately at

Should I take photos of my car before and after wrapping?

Yes! It is in your best interests, and ours, that you document the condition of your car immediately before and after the car is taken to the wrapping workshop. This is simply to avoid any confusion in the unlikely event of damage.

During the Campaign

What requirements do I have to meet during the campaign?

Good question! This will vary from campaign to campaign, and before joining a campaign you will need to agree to the requirements of the campaign. A common requirement is a minimum monthly number of kilometres driven in designated areas. So for example, an advertiser may require that you drive at least 500km a month and spend at least 60 hours in a certain area. Some campaigns may have more unique requirements, but these will all be given to you before you agree to commit to a campaign.

The ad has been damaged, what do I do?

If there has been some damage done to your advertising, you must notify us immediately by emailing with a subject line "Urgent: Ad Damage".

I have been involved in an accident, incident or altercation on the road, what do I do?

If you've been involved in an accident, incident or altercation on the road, please email us immediately at with subject line "Urgent: road incident" and explain what has happened. It's important that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can take action to mitigate any damages caused. Failing to notify us of an accident, incident or altercation may result in your early removal from the campaign in serious circumstances.

What do I do if I want to take a holiday or am unable to fulfill my campaign requirements for a period of time?

We love holidays! Lucky you :) We understand that your life doesn't revolve around promoting brands you like, and that sometimes plans or unexpected events will get in the way of you fulfilling the campaign criteria. Before starting a campaign, your campaign requirements will outline the allowances for these types of circumstances. In longer camaigns usually there will be an allowance for a certain number of holiday weeks and for a certain number of 'unexpected event' weeks. The important thing is that you're honest with us before beginning a campaign because failure to meet campaign requirements may result in early removal from a campaign in serious cases, which isn't good for anybody.

Can I be removed from the campaign early?

Unfortunately in some rare cases, advocates (who are much less awesome than you are!) will seriously breach the requirements of their campaign and will need to be removed from the campaign before it is due to end. It is a bad situation for us, the advocate and the advertiser when an advocate is removed early from a campaign, so trust us, we don't make the decision lightly. Sadly sometimes it needs to be done to maintain the integrity of the campaign.

Do I have to have your sensors in my vehicle?

Good question! In short, the answer is yes. Our sensors are used to verify that you're fulfilling the campaign requirements, and gives advertisers the confidence to partner with you to promote their brand. All data collected from your vehicle is stored securely and anonymised when shared with advertisers. The only information that we may share with advertisers about you as an individual is general insights about your advertising exposure such as "50% of time spent in Melbourne City" or "600km driven each month". No information that we share with advertisers could be used to determine your current location or what locations you have visited in the past, unless explicity stated otherwise with your approval.


How do I get paid?

Easily! We will release your advertising fees for the previous month at the beginning of every month and an accompanying invoice will be emailed to you.

How do you work out how much I get paid?

We calculate how much you get paid based on how much of your vehicle is being wrapped. The more of your vehicle which is wrapped, the more you will earn!

What happens if I don't meet the campaign requirements?

Campaign requirements include things like the number of kilometres driven per month, areas that you need to spend time in with your vehicle, or the hours at which driving has to occur. In the case where you do not meet these requirements, your payment will be reduced by 15%, plus a further deduction will be applied in proportion to the measurement you fail to meet. For example, if you were meant to drive 600km per month in a designated area but only drove 300km, and your advertising fee was usually $500, then you would instead only be paid $212.50 (= $500 x 85% x 300/600). It's important to note that if you repeatedly fail to meet campaign requirements, then you may be removed early from the campaign, so always make sure you're able to meet campaign requirements before committing to a campaign.


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