Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Campaign

How do I create a campaign?

Easy! Just email us at and one of our friendly campaign success managers will get in touch to help you create your campaign.

How long should a campaign go for?

There is no minimum or maximum campaign length, however it’s usually best to aim for one month or more. The CPM of a Wrappr campaign gets more cost effective the longer your campaign runs for, so many brands choose to book a minimum campaign length, and then move onto a month-to-month basis ongoing.

What locations can I run a campaign?

At Wrappr we’re in the fortunate position to have thousands of advocates across Australia, meaning that we’re able to guarantee supply for any campaign in any location in Australia where your brand would want to run a campaign. This means all capital cities, all major cities, all regional centres and all regional towns with populations above 15,000.

How targeted can I be with my campaign location?

You’re able to target your campaigns down to the suburb level. We guarantee supply for campaigns on a national, state, regional, metro, local government area and suburb level.

What types of vehicles should I choose?

This is completely up to you! Smaller vehicles cost less in terms of production and installation, whereas larger vehicles can be seen from further away. We recommend thinking about what type of vehicles best represent your brand and your target audience, and also what type of vehicles you can do the most creative things with in terms of advertising design!

I'd like to do multiple campaigns with different designs, is this possible?

Yes! If you would like to change your design to match a different promotion or campaign this is possible to do in a manner that will drastically reduce your production and installation costs. Planning ahead for future campaigns is a great way to be smart with your budget, so make sure you explore this option with your campaign success manager.

How do you match me with advocates for my campaign?

Advocates fill in an extensive profile about themselves, their vehicle, driving habits and what their interests, hobbies and passions are. When you approach us with a campaign brief, you will be able to outline your ideal advocate - who they are, what they do with their time, their vehicle, where they work etc. We will then send out an unbiased survey to advocates who match your brief criteria. In this unbiased survey we will ask advocates to rate and rank a series of brands in your category without them knowing which of these brands we are running the campaign for. If, and only if, your brand is highly rated and ranked compared with other brands in your category will we then make a campaign offer to the advocate. If your brand is relatively unknown, we will add an education step to the unbiased survey so that advocates can learn about the brands in your category before rating and ranking them. Ensuring your advocates are genuine fans of your brand and will be proud to promote you is a crucial step in the process, because your advocates will organically be talking about your brand as they go about their day-to-day with friends, colleagues, teammates, neighbours and other members of their community.

How do I know that advocates will be suitable for my campaign?

We will provide you with all relevant information about the advocates so you can make informed decisions about their suitability.

Is there a maximum number of advocates I can use?

Nope :) For larger campaigns with over 50 advocates, it may take longer than normal to get started depending on the capacity of our installers.

What is the lead time for getting started with a campaign?

For campaigns in major metros, we have a creative deadline of 12 days, and campaign bookings ideally come through a number of weeks before this.

Do you provide design services?

Yes! We have excellent designers that we work with who are experienced in vehicle advertising design. We can connect you with a suitable designer who you can work directly with to create an amazing design.

Stunts and Activations

Is it possible to do a marketing stunt or activation involving the advocates?

Absolutely! Before a campaign begins, or during a campaign you can create a custom marketing activation involving the advocates and their vehicles. We can setup tracking options and incentives for advocates to ensure that they fulfil their part in the activation. For example, you may want to have an advocate park their vehicle outside the front of a big event, or if you're feeling cheeky you can park outside the front of one of your competitor's stores!

How much flexibility do I have to create activations or direct advocates?

You have heaps of flexibility! Our sophisticated tracking technology allows you to identify target locations and time periods, which then allows you to create incentives around advocates being at those locations at specific times. For example, you may want advocates to park in front of a specific location for 1 hour between the hours of 3-6pm for one week only.


How do I track the exposure of our ads?

We have independent performance measurement on all of our campaigns, meaning that we’re able to provide highly credible data back to you. Metrics which we’re able to provide include foot-traffic uplift (which means we can determine ROI and CPA), impressions, engagements and frequency. This data is collected using smartphone detection sensors in advocates’ vehicles as well as in stores, if you’d like to measure foot-traffic uplift. On top of this, we also provide GPS reports which include heatmaps, kilometres driven, time spent in target locations and safe driving monitoring.


How do payments work?

Payment for the production and installation, plus the first month’s media investment, are due 30 days before the campaign starts. Subsequent media invoices are done on a monthly basis thereafter

Unlikely Events

What happens if an advocate acts in an inappropriate manner, such as speeding or unsafe driving?

Although this is very unlikely, we have rigorous systems in place to ensure that the likelihood of this risk is mitigated. Our GPS sensors will alert us to any unexpected movements in the vehicle, such as if it's accelerating quickly, or if the vehicle is speeding. Furthermore, all vehicles have a "How's my driving?" sticker displayed on the rear of their vehicle which allows any member of the public to call us and report misconduct or an incident. For unsafe driving incidents, we have penalties in place to provide a strong incentive for advocates to maintain high driving standards.

What happens if advertising is damaged during the campaign?

Whilst this is unlikely, if any damage is caused to your wraps we will repair this at no cost to you.

What happens if an advocate is unable to complete a campaign?

We will replace any advocate who is unable to complete a campaign, at no cost to you. This might be in the form of either adding a new advocate to your campaign, or simply extending the campaign for your remaining advocates, depending on your campaign goals.

What happens if your advocates do not meet the campaign requirements or exposure targets?

We guarantee that we will exceed your campaign targets, and if we don’t we will continue the campaign for free until we do.

What happens if an advocate takes a holiday or needs to temporarily stop advertising?

This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but no matter the circumstance we guarantee to exceed your campaign targets!


Joining a Campaign

What requirements do I have to meet in order to do a campaign?

Every campaign is different, so the most important thing is that you fulfil the requirement of being yourself :) Advertisers are looking to connect with people who fit their target customer profile, and who like their brand. With this in mind, your suitability for one campaign may be excellent and you'll be top of the list, whilst for another campaign you may not be so suitable. You also will need to be able to meet the exposure targets set by the brand, which could include driving a certain number of km each month in target areas, or your spending a certain amount of time in target areas. In general, we will not accept vehicles that are older than 7 years old. In saying this, some brands are looking for older cars, so please don't hesitate creating a profile.

Do I get to choose what campaign I am involved in?

Absolutely! We don't want you to ever be involved in a campaign you're not excited to be involved in.

How do I give myself the best chance at being selected for a campaign?

The short answer is - complete your advocate survey! The more information we have about the types of brands you like, the better we will be able to match you with suitable campaigns.

How old can my vehicle be?

For the majority of campaigns we will only accept vehicles that are 7 years old or newer, but there are exceptions, so we encourage you to make an advocate profile no matter how old your vehicle is! The 7 year rule is there because advertisers are mostly looking for modern vehicles to represent their brand, but also because after 7 years your original vehicle manufacturer's paint will have deteriorated to a level that makes paint damage possible when removing the advertising. If you would still like to be involved in a campaign, but your vehicle is older than 7 years, you're most welcome to make a profile and we will still match you with suitable campaigns. These will be campaigns where advertisers aren't looking for newer vehicles specifically and you will have to be comfortable with the risk of paint damage to your vehicle.

Who can see the information in my advocate profile?

Good question! The only people who can see the information in your advocate profile is us and prospective advertisers who go through a verification process before being privy to this information.

Installation and Removal of the Ad

Where do I go to get the advertising installed or removed?

Advertising is installed and removed at one of our partner facilities which are located all over Australia. When you receive your campaign offer we will let you know where your installation is scheduled to take place. As we have so many locations across Australia, wherever the campaign may be your installation location will rarely be further than 30-45 minutes drive away.

How long will it take to have the wrap installed and removed?

Installation of the wrap will vary greatly depending on the size of your vehicle and how much of it will need to be wrapped. Rear windshield wraps take about 15 minutes to install, and less than 5 minutes to remove. Full wraps usually take one full day to install, and half a day to remove. For larger vehicles like trucks and vans, full wraps can take up to two days to install.

How will I get to and from the workshop without my vehicle?

We provide you with half of your first month’s payment on the day your vehicle is due to have the wrap installed. This money can be used as you wish, including on public transport, taxi or rideshare.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged during the installation or removal of the ads?

We provide full insurance over your vehicle whilst it's in our care, so in the unlikely event that an accident happens and damage is caused, repairs will be arranged and paid for by us.

I have found an issue with the advertising, what do I do?

If you've found an issue with the advertising, please notify us immediately at

During the Campaign

What requirements do I have to meet during the campaign?

Good question! This will vary from campaign to campaign, and before joining a campaign you will need to agree to the requirements of the campaign. A common requirement is a minimum monthly number of kilometres driven in designated areas. So for example, an advertiser may require that you drive at least 1000km a month or spend at least 60 hours in a certain area. Some campaigns may have more unique requirements, but these will all be given to you before you agree to commit to a campaign.

The ad has been damaged, what do I do?

If there has been some damage done to your advertising, you must notify us immediately by emailing

I have been involved in an accident, incident or altercation on the road, what do I do?

If you've been involved in an accident, incident or altercation on the road, please email us immediately at It's important that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can take action to mitigate any damages caused. Failing to notify us of an accident, incident or altercation may result in your early removal from the campaign in serious circumstances.

What do I do if I want to take a holiday or am unable to fulfill my campaign requirements for a period of time?

We love holidays! Lucky you :) We understand that your life doesn't revolve around promoting brands you like, and that sometimes plans or unexpected events will get in the way of you fulfilling the campaign criteria. Ultimately it is your responsibility to meet the campaign criteria you agree to at the start of the campaign, and failing to do so will result in your payments being reduced. But, you will always have the opportunity to make this up! For example, if your payments are reduced for one month (where perhaps you decided to take a holiday) and then in subsequent months you’re able to make this up and increase your payments. This doesn’t mean that you can vastly exceed your campaign requirements for one month and then go on holiday for the rest of the campaign though. It’s important that you’re active on the road throughout the entire campaign in order for the brand to achieve their objectives, so you shouldn’t commit to a campaign which you’re unable to participate in for the full duration.

Can I be removed from the campaign early?

Advocates (who are much less awesome than you are!) who seriously breach the requirements of their campaign will need to be removed from the campaign before it is due to end. It would be a bad situation for us, the advocate and the brand if an advocate is removed early from a campaign, so trust us, we do a lot of work up front to ensure that this will not happen. However, it is something which we will always choose to do if it means we maintain the integrity of the campaign.

Do I have to have your sensors in my vehicle?

Good question! In short, the answer is yes. Our sensors are used to verify that you're fulfilling the campaign requirements, and gives advertisers the confidence to partner with you to promote their brand. All data collected from your vehicle is stored securely and anonymised when shared with advertisers. The only information that we may share with advertisers about you as an individual is general insights about your advertising exposure such as "50% of time spent in Melbourne City" or "600km driven each month". No information that we share with advertisers could be used to determine your current location or what locations you have visited in the past, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

I have received an alert about speeding or unsafe driving, what is this?

When your vehicle is wrapped, it will have a "How's my driving?" sticker displayed on the rear, and will you have a GPS safe driving app installed on your phone. Through both of these, we receive alerts about how safely you are driving on the road and your general conduct. If your safe driving score drops below our threshold you will be notified and your payments will be reduced accordingly if this is not rectified before the end of the month. Likewise, if a report is made to us about your driving via the "How's my driving?" phone line, an appropriate response will be taken by us, which may also include a reduction in your monthly advertising fees or other actions. We understand that there are always two sides to every story, so you will have an opportunity to appeal the payment reduction if you wish.


How do I get paid?

Easily! We will release your advertising fees at the end of every campaign month. Your first payment will be split into two payments, with half paid on the day you start the campaign, and the second half being paid at the end of the campaign month. Every payment after that will be made monthly.

How much do I get paid?

You will get paid a base amount between $200-500 per month, depending on how much of your vehicle is wrapped. Full wraps receive $500, partial wraps $400, side panels $300 and rear windshields $200. Your base amount will be increased if you participate in any extra activities like stunts, activations or photoshoots. Your base amount will be decreased if you do not meet your campaign requirements for the month or you don’t meet your safe driving requirements.